Below are reviews from some of our satisfied customers. We would love a chance to make one out of you as well.

Adam Z.

Adam Z.

Review from Adam Z. in Los Angeles, California

The oven is awesome! We've used it three times in the last three weeks, each time it gets better and better.

Everyone who comes over loves it. Not only is it fun to use, it's a great conversation piece. So far we've had three parties and everyone makes their own pizza, then we all share and taste test each others'.

I'm also having a great time experimenting with different types of woods and learning to control the temperature. I love everything about this oven! It's given me a new hobby!

John D.

John D.

Review from John D. in Westfield, MA

I want to thank you for all of your support as I assembled my oven. I researched many ovens on the internet, but what led me to you was your excellent and very responsive service.

I emailed a few oven sites and you got back to me quickly, you spoke with me on the phone and told me about your oven and why it performed well. I then sent you a list of questions comparing your oven with others and you took the time to answer each question well.

Finally because of your responses and support, I decided to buy your oven because I felt you would be there to help me through the process and you did. You sent me drawings more than a few times when my designs changed, you adjusted the drawings as my designs changed. Finally as my oven was done you let me know to build my stack 8 inches higher and reduce the cap size to 3-4 inches.

I never felt that I was alone in the process, you were always there to help.

What really surprised me was when I asked you what supplies to buy you sent me an email with each item and the product number so it was super easy to buy them, extra effort not expected.

During the construction, whenever I had a question I could call you for help and you were always there. Many times once one buys a produce the support ends, with you, once I bought, the support got better. Thank you for all of your help.

The picture attached is our first pizza from your Belforno oven.

Thank you, when I need another it will be yours Frank.

Review from Elizabeth & John S. in Columbia, SC

We LOVE our oven! It's become part of our lifestyle. We really enjoy entertaining out by the pool. At least once a week we have a group of our friends over and enjoy an evening of make it yourself pizzas. We have barely used the kitchen since we began cooking in our Belforno oven.

At the beginning of the night we roast vegetables and or lamb lollipops or oysters. Then we move on to pizzas and at the end of the night we roast several different Strombolis and meats for the week. We eat our very healthy roasted chicken or lamb for days following or make chicken salads or fabulous Indian dishes. It's a lot of fun and keeps us from being tied up cooking every night.

At first we thought to install it just to add value to our home as we marketed it for sale but now we can't live without it. Once we sell we'll be planning the design of the next one! It's now a fixture we cannot do without!

Dana B.

Dana B.

Review from Dana B. in Charlotte, NC

Frank from Belforno was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable during my research process of a wood fired pizza oven. Once I decided on buying a Belforno oven Frank continued to assist with the planning of how to build my pizza oven to achieve optimal cooking results and even made a visit to my house to ensure proper installation.

I've been cooking it now for 5 months and it's the best pizza I've ever made... just ask my friends. Everyone loves it and we're having a lot of fun entertaining with our new Belforno! Thanks Frank!!

Joseph E.

Joseph E.

Review from Joseph E. in Cookeville, TN

I am getting great use out of my oven. I'd say the average baking time on a pizza when the oven is properly fired is about two minutes or just slightly less. I've cooked ham, lamb, bread, fish and steak in it in addition to the pizzas. I love it!

There's nothing like sitting there in the courtyard after sundown eating some food that has just come out of the oven, occasionally glancing at the bed of coals and the flame that is still licking the dome of the oven. It really provides a gathering place for friends and family. We've started calling that part of our little spread the Courtyard Cafe!

Review from Joe B. in Charlotte, NC

I had been looking at ovens for over two years. Not only was I very impressed with the Belforno, but I was able to pick it up on the back of my Tundra (I live in Charlotte where it is made). The packaging was very well done and everything was complete. The suggestion to do a run through on the assembly was helpful. Everything was included in the package. I had ordered the SS chimney which had shipped separately. Final assembly took about 2 hours. The quality of the castings is excellent. The two parts of the floor are also well done and good quality.

The final phase of laying wire over the insulation blankets and covering with mortar was much more time consuming. We used much more mortar than was specified. To do a one inch layer on a 36" oven consumed about 6 bags. later we used 2 - 1 gallon cans of stucco patch for color coat. These came from Lowes (as suggested) and I purchased a pint of mixed paint to color. Each can of stucco took half of the pint. One issue to think ahead on, the hearth. Since the floor of the oven is 4" above the slab that the oven sits on, consider what materials will be used to create the hearth in front of the opening. Since I wanted the opening of the oven close to the edge of the slab (4"), the brick I chose had to cantilever over the edge of the slab. We had to build a support under the bricks to keep them sturdy. we used 4 "L" brackets placed evenly. The vertical shaft is behind the tile I used. If you were to use brick on the sides, that would supply the support. Everything is done except for additional pavers and a table we are building to the side. Since pizzas really need to be made at the oven a good permanent flat surface is essential. The design of the actual fire chamber must be very well designed.

I can get the oven up to a floor temperature in the mid 500's in about two hours. I am experimenting with the temperatures, and fire maintenance. Also, I am trying different recipes for dough and techniques for getting the pizza in and out of the oven. The good pizzas have been great pizzas.

Review from Sandy & Deb G. in Charlotte, NC

I knew I wanted a pizza oven and began looking for one by going online and doing some research. There are a lot of wood burning pizza oven suppliers out there so I tried to compare them on product, price and service/support.
While it is pretty easy to read about their products and compare their prices, it is not so easy to find out how good their support is. You can read just as many good reviews as bad reviews about many suppliers.

I am lucky to live in Charlotte, NC and read that Belforno had a booth at the Charlotte Southern Spring Show so I went there and started to speak with Frank. That did it. Frank told me all about the ovens, how to install them, and even a little bit about how to get fires going and cook in them. But it was the impression that Frank gave me that really sold me. That short conversation totally convinced me that he would stand behind his product and give me the support I would need. I bought the oven right then at the show.

Frank delivered the oven right after that and it arrived in perfect shape. I had a contractor building a terrace for me at the time so he agreed to install the oven. He is a good contractor and does good work but he made a mistake by putting the floor of the oven in upside down. I didn't know he did that but I did know that the floor of the oven was not smooth and was starting to get pits in it after I started to use it. I called Frank and told him about it and he came over to my house to take a look at it. He told me right away that the floor was upside down and that he was going to fix it for me. He came by the next day with a helper and they put a new floor in the oven before the day was done. The astonishing thing is that Frank didn't charge me for anything. It was clearly not his fault that there was a problem with the oven but he took care of it anyway for free. I have never had that kind of support from any supplier, for any product. Never!

Since then, we have been making pizzas, roasts, steaks, potatoes, vegetables, everything in the oven and we prefer to cook in the pizza oven more than we do in our conventional oven. The fun part is experimenting to see what you can cook in it and how well you can do it. I know that I will never cook anything perfectly in the oven because it can always be better, but that is the challenge. I haven't tried to cook bread yet but that will happen soon. Can't wait.

So thanks, Frank. Great product, great price, incredible service. If you ever have someone that needs an opinion on Belforno, have them call me.

Review from Tricia M. in Midland, MI

The installation of the oven itself went well! We have already used it twice which was so exciting!! I managed to make 5 1/2 successful pizzas so far! Lol!! One fell apart and another started too, but we saved half of it!! It was very empowering to be able to cook with wood!! And VERY yummy!!!

A few kind words from B.B. in Polson, MT

Once again I wanted to thank you for your assistance and for manufacturing such a superior product.

Thoughtful comments from H.N. in Sebastopol, CA

...you were absolutely the most helpful customer relations person I have spoken to in years. And I do this for a living.