Pizza Recipes

Wood-fired Pizza Recipes
Learn the foundations of Napoli-style pizza making, from the perfect pizza dough to classic topping combinations.

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Basic Pizza Dough Recipe   Basic Pizza Dough
Learn the fundamentals for producing the perfect crust.
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Pizza Margherita Recipe   Pizza Margherita
A delicious recipe for the Italian classic.
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Pizza Marinara Recipe   Pizza Marinara
Skip the cheese and try a vegan pizza.
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Pizza Norma e Donna Recipe   Pizza Norma e Donna
Two cheeses for a twist in taste.
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Pizza Bianca Recipe   Pizza Bianca
Pizza without tomato sauce. Sounds crazy, but it's not!
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Pizza Capricciosa Recipe   Pizza Capricciosa
Lots of toppings, lots of flavor.
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Pizza Carciofi Recipe   Pizza Carciofi
Don't choke on the artichokes!
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Pizza Funghi Recipe   Pizza Funghi
Mushrooms, mushrooms.
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Pizza Margherita con Filetti Recipe   Pizza Margherita con Filetti
Cherry tomatoes are sweet!
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Pizza Melanzane Recipe   Pizza Melanzane
Add a little eggplant...
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Pizza Romana Recipe   Pizza Romana
Something's fishy about this recipe.
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Making your Pizza

For any pizza made in the classic Neopolitan style, the basic foundation is the same. On this page we have linked to simple instructions for pizza dough and the foundation for toppings, which you may add to and vary according to the ingredients in the following recipes, or according to your own tastes.

First, make your own pizza dough by following this simple recipe on the left.


Now for the foundation. If possible, use San Marzano tomatoes, and fior-di-latte or bufala mozzarella cheese.

Using a small ladle or spoon, with a spiral motion add 80g of peeled, crushed tomatoes, spreading over the surface to within half an inch of the edges. Add desired cheese and toppings.

Drizzle a few drops of extra virgin olive oil on the surface starting from the center. Finish off with a little sea salt.

Place in very hot oven (700 to 850F) for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes turning every 30 seconds. With the oven at the correct temperature pizza will cook in 90 seconds.