Vamparossa Pizza Oven Gas Burner

The World’s Finest Pizza Oven Burner

Gas Burner Converts Any Wood Fired Pizza Oven To Dual-Fuel

  • Dual-fuel capability: use wood or gas, or both
  • Convenient – easy to light and maintain.
  • Consistent – the heat will be the same day in day out.
  • Light – to see what you are cooking!
  • No clean-up.
  • Use either natural gas or propane.


How the Vamparossa pizza oven gas burner works

  • The burner should rise about 1/2″ above the surface at the 10 or 2 o’clock position.
  • The controller changes the flame setting.



Air and gas mix in the specially designed tube. This gives a very strong flame without the need for a fan. The flame will circulate over the dome and warms the entire oven.


New ovens
This is a breeze! When building the base for the oven, leave a hole for the sleeve. ​

Existing ovens (Retrofit)
Drill a hole in the floor of the oven, according to the size of the sleeve, for example 4.5″ for the single burner model.

Commercial burner
The burner is available in manual or fully automatic versions. Choose between double or triple burners, depending on the size of your oven. Our experts are standing by to provide advice.

Quality tested

All Vamparossa gas burners are UL Listed for use in any refractory pizza ovens. Strict internal quality checks ensures that every Vamparossa burner is made to perfection.

All our ovens are listed for UL2162 and UL737
and certified NSF/ANSI-4 for U.S.A. and Canada.


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